Thursday, February 19, 2015

Casual Layering | Bowling & Ping Pong

[Sheer white ribbed polo neck from Topshop, Triangl bra, Topshop jeans, Zara loafers, Chanel 2.55 classic quilted flap bag, Rails plaid shirt/flanner, Earl jeans leather jacket & Monki faux fur gilet]

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Oh hey!

I have an outfit of the day for you guys today! Yesterday happened to be the birthday of a friend of my sister's so Fab and I decided to accept an invite to tag along to dinner at All Star Lanes in Bayswater followed by a game of bowling. The food is pretty good at the All Star Lane restaurant, although I wouldn't expect more than a diner style meal because that is what you'll get (with the odd exception!)We had a few cocktails and then played a game of bowling, which I completely SUCKED at which sucks given my family took it pretty seriously when we were kids, we even had bowling balls with our names on them! Ha

Anyway, after we'd played a game of bowling, we headed over to Bounce in Holborn for  a cocktail or two more and a few hilarious games of Ping Pong. Good times! I wanted most importantly to be comfortable and warm so I went with some casual layering consisting of a thin knit ribbed polo neck from Topshop under a super soft plaid shirt or flannel from Rails, some casual jeans and some bowling inspired loafers... well kinda!

The good thing about wearing a top under a shirt with a leather jacket and a gilet is that you can pick and choose the combo of layers to wear indoors depending on how hot or cold it is, meaning you can take off the extra layer of faux fur when indoors and the biker jacket adds edge and warmth, or take it off and still have the comfort of a super soft plaid shirt. There are a few photos from the evening below :) Feel free to let me know what you guys think below, much love and until next time! xo 


Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Pop of Orange

[Topshop Bomber jacket, Top by Arielle Cristiana, 'Easy Money' Boots from ASOS, Topshop Cape scarf, Saint Laurent 'Sac du Jour' handbag, Topshop jeans, Hermès belt]

Oh Hey!

I popped into town with Shannon and we ended up having lunch in Westfield White City at this yummy Japanese in the food court followed by a rummage in the sales. I managed to gt a few goodies in the sale including this gorgeous culotte jumpsuit from Zara that had been reduced but I had no idea until I got to the till that it was on sale, which I personally LOVE haha because I was prepared to pay the full £40 but it was down to a tenner! I was totally chuffed ha don't you just love when that happens? I wore a pair of boots that I bought off the ASOS 'Back in stock' section as I had eyed them up previously but they'd shot out of stock so quickly that I'd missed my chance the first time round. They're called 'Easy Money' and I got them in a size 5 - they run true to size. LOVE. THEM.

I paired my Saint Laurent 'Sac du Jour' handbag with my new Hermès belt that I treated myself to back in St.Moritz - I personally adore the pop of colour and I am a bit of a sucker for a little colour coordination :P I also wore my trusty khaki Topshop scarf cape which is ideal as an extra layer that is easy to throw on and take off but really does make a difference in the cold, it's kind of like having a blanket wrapped around you and that is something I am all for when it feels like legit Antartica outside.

I hope you guys are enjoying these posts and I look forward to reading your comments, as always! :)
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(Tip: The first four pictures were taken with the Chrome filter on the iPhone 6, the remaining without - Chrome is a great option to add vibrancy and clarity to photos.)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

St.Moritz by Night

Oh Hey!

Tonight's post is yet another from our christmas getaway to St.Moritz, although this time my outfit is more of an outfit of the evening. This is what I wore to dine at Matsuhisa restaurant (formerly Nobu) in the Palace hotel with my parents and Fab.

I wore my all time favourite Loubs which I mentioned in my 2014 favourites - I'll link it HERE in case you haven't seen it - and I paired them with my AllSaints leather pencil skirt and amazingly soft cropped white shirt from Glamorous that I found in the Nordstrom sale in Miami.I also got the chance to use my velvet mini Chanel bag which again hold a place near and dear to my heart and you can also hear me talk all about my love for it in my 2014 favourites! I'd love to hear your thoughts, as always and hope you're all having a wonderful evening.
P.S - Gotta love the cameo from Daisy Dukes! ♡

[Shirt by Glamorous from Nordstrom Sale, Leather pencil skirt from AllSaints, Yellow velvet mini classic quilted flap bag by Chanel, Vintage Cashmere coat, Christian Louboutin high heels, Rolex watch]

xoxo Lexi


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A la Suisse

Oh Hey!

This outfit dates back to when I was vacationing in St.Moritz and this is the kind of outfit I tend to wear in the snowy mountains of Switzerland! The weather goes all the way down to around -20ºc at night so it is extremely key to dress warm and to invest in some durable, snow proof shoes.  I am in love with my black Timbs and paired with a super warm polo neck and a fedora? SORTED! Haha
I hope you guys are enjoying the outfit posts because I hope to upload them much more often :) let me know your thoughts in the comments and all the items you'll find listed below are either super similar or the same as what I am wearing, for your shopping-ease! xo Lexi

[Hat & bangle from Hermès, Boots by Timberland, Trousers from Topshop, Sweater & coat from Whistles, Handbag by Chanel]


Monday, December 29, 2014

Net-a-Porter Wishlist

Net-a-Porter Wishlist

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