Monday, June 23, 2014

Rosegold Brogues

Oh hey!

I was going through my iPhoto library and I came across a bunch of photos I'd taken of outfits I've worn in recent months and I thought well what good are they sat there eh? So I took initiative and posted them here for your lovely eyes to see! Now incase you find yourself wondering about the influx of outfit photos, well some may be a tad old and some new, I'll make sure to let you know!

On this particular day I had popped into town with Shannon (@ShanMay_) to pick up a wallet I had in repair at Hermès (fun fact: did you know that they actually refer to the place where you send your Hermès items for repair as the 'Hermès Spa'!) and this is what I decided to wear - it was when the weather was still a little on the chilly side but had started to warm up, so ideal blazer weather. You can see this outfit in video form on my channel here:

I hope you guys enjoy these posts because like I said I wanna keep them coming, and I'm also off on holiday for 10 whole weeks as of July 1st so I will be posting loads of travel and food pics here on my blog as well as the usual. :)

Hope you're all well and WOO to summer having OFFICIALLY arrived! xo

Blazer by BCBG Maxazria • Acne Jeans from the • Shirt fromn Zara • Rosegold brogues from Russell & Bromley • Vintage Hermès Kelly bag • Tom Ford Sunglasses • Rolex Watch 

Friday, May 30, 2014

#EditMe with Westfield Stratford City

Hey guys and welcome back :) 

Today's post is a little different but fear not - Still good stuff! Not too long ago I got to be a part of a really cool project with the lovely folks over at Westfield Stratford City which basically makes shopping in their mall so much easier if you are looking for something specific! How you ask?

Westfield have introduced a really easy to use and pretty practical feature on their website known as #EditMe - an interactive app-like tool that allows you to browse through actual items stocked in Westfield that have been categorised into trends! What that means is that you can put together your very own outfit using the tool, save it for future reference and then shop entire look in stores within Westfield. Easy peasy! And to show you just how easy it is, there's a video below featuring the gorgeous Leanne Lim Walker and myself using the feature, and shopping! Haul and all ;) Hope you guys enjoy it, until next time! xo

Monday, May 05, 2014

Brick Lane

Long time no speak! My bad... again. *Doh!*

Well anyway, I was having a looksie over my desktop and noticed these photos lingering from when I took a trip to Brick lane with the beautiful Zara from MouldyFruit and well, it's about time I got them on here!

It was a nippy but sunny day so I decided to give my favourite pair of faux leather trou from H&M a wear, as the lovely burgundy colour compliments denim so well! So I went with this particular denim shirt from Sandro that Mama Filthy handed-me-down and for some reason I just don't wear enough! Does that paragraph even make any sense? Who knows. The grammar gods are rolling in their... thrones?

I wore my alllllll time favourite loafers from Chanel with my most recent new hand bag, also from Chanel. The scarf you see me wearing above wasn't actually originally part of the outfit but it was colder than I had anticipated and when I saw the gorgeous scarf I couldn't not buy, even at £18.
I had luckily decided to wear a beanie on that day although I do remember having dirty hair. Over it all is my favourite smart black coat with faux leather trim from Zara! Hope you are all keeping well and eager for summer to get it's ass here! Stay well!! xo

Denim Shirt from Sandro // Faux Leather trou from H&M // Loafers and bag from Chanel // Coat from Zara // Scarf from Brick Lane Market // Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

Monday, April 07, 2014

Army Caj

Hey dolls, I was having a revamp of the old blogski as you may have noticed - I had moved over to wordpress to see what that was like and shock horror I hated it as it brought me nothing but problems so here I am back on blogger and back where the Party is at! This is after all where it all began. If it ain't broke, don't fix it I say!

Anyway, as I said I was having a revamp and I found myself going through my iPhoto pictures which led to me finding these photos from a few weeks ago that I never got a chance to upload (probably due to the influx of spam I had on my bloody wordpress blog!) but anyway that being sorted I thought I'd post the pics as I still love this outfit and hope that you do too :) I will also now be featuring a 'shop the look' type scrollbar at the bottom of each outfit post for you lovelies to shop the item and if not the item in particular then something very similar as chosen by me!

I do hope to get back in the groove of blogging so prepare yourselves to be reading more of my witty banter and get those fingers warmed up because I hope to be receiving an influx of comments from you wonderfully eager for a chin-wag folk! Much love until next time and stay you! xo

Tee gifted from • Jeans from ASOS • Hooded shirt by UNIF • Leather jacket and Necklace both from AllSaints • Boots by Balenciaga • Ring from YSL • Bag by Chanel

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Shop My Ebay Collections!

Hello Hello! I hope you're feeling fabulous and keen to hear all about what on earth my eBay collections are! Ebay have launched an awesome new influencers programme where bloggers and folk alike can share the love for all things fashion and ebay by creating online collections that you fine humans can shop - how awesome is that?!

So to be a little more specific, I've gone ahead and put together 12 different collections on my eBay 'ProminentFashion' ranging from categories of items like 'Lovely leather' 'Plaid Party' and 'Pastel Passion' for you to shop ranging from clothing to home-ware... and more!

Everything listed is available as 'Buy it now' meaning you don't have to bid, you can buy the item as you would on any online store as long as you have set up a paypal account - easy as pie!

You can shop my collection by clicking the following link  - and I'd love for you to send me a tweet if you decided to buy anything! #ebaycollections #ebay inspires and #prominentfashion
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