Sunday, April 06, 2014

Shop My Ebay Collections!

Hello Hello! I hope you're feeling fabulous and keen to hear all about what on earth my eBay collections are! Ebay have launched an awesome new influencers programme where bloggers and folk alike can share the love for all things fashion and ebay by creating online collections that you fine humans can shop - how awesome is that?!

So to be a little more specific, I've gone ahead and put together 12 different collections on my eBay 'ProminentFashion' ranging from categories of items like 'Lovely leather' 'Plaid Party' and 'Pastel Passion' for you to shop ranging from clothing to home-ware... and more!

Everything listed is available as 'Buy it now' meaning you don't have to bid, you can buy the item as you would on any online store as long as you have set up a paypal account - easy as pie!

You can shop my collection by clicking the following link  - and I'd love for you to send me a tweet if you decided to buy anything! #ebaycollections #ebay inspires and #prominentfashion


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