Organizing Your Home to Light a Fire in Your Love Life

Do you want to jump start your love life? These simple ways of organizing your home will heat up your romance in no time. Find out simple things that you can do today to make your bedroom into a place for romance.

Organizing the bedroom in your home all comes down to one simple thing: Use your bedroom the way it is supposed to be used. There are two basic things that should be happening in your bedroom: Sleep and Romance.

If you have things in your bedroom that take away from one of these two things, ask yourself why you have them in the room. Now of course you are going to have clothes in your bedroom and things that help you get ready in the morning. When I talk about organizing your home and bedroom for romance, I am not talking about that. I am talking about trying to make your bedroom into a space that you use for craft projects, for your home office or as a second toy box in your home.

The bedroom is a bad place for your home office. The bill paying center of your home, which is usually what you use your home office for, and romance simply do not mix. Organizing your home so that you use a corner of the living room or the kitchen for your home office is a much better solution.

Same goes for craft projects that have made their way into your bedroom. It is great if you love doing craft projects. Just keep them out of your bedroom. When organizing your home, organize those craft projects far away from your bedroom. Having to wade through scrapbook supplies in order to get to your bed is a sure-fire way to kill the mood.

I have a daughter so I know that organizing your home so that all of the toys are in one place is difficult. But if your bed has become the unofficial second toy box in your home, there is a good reason why your love life is less passionate than you would like. It is hard to get in the mood for love when you have an action figure wedged in your back. If it is not bed sheets or you or your significant other, it does not belong in or on your bed.

And last but certainly not least (you are going to hate me for this one), get the TV out of your bedroom. Does watching the news before you turn in for the night really excite you? No? I did not think so. Not only is it bad for your love life to have a TV in the bedroom but it is bad for your sleep. Do you really want the last thing you see before you go to sleep for the night to be some news story about what went wrong in the world today? Would it not be a whole lot better to have the last thing you see before you go to sleep for the night be the face of your significant other? Organizing your home is about using spaces as they are meant to be used. And the bedroom is not meant to be used as a TV viewing center. Okay, so you do not want to get rid of the TV in your bedroom. I understand. Then at least limit the amount of time that the TV is on in your bedroom. Better yet, set a schedule for the TV in your bedroom. For example, it does not get turned on after 8 p.m.


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